About Furea Designs

Furea Designs is the place where you can immerse yourself in a new world.

In this world, you have the complete freedom to explore and lose yourself in fantasy. You are not bothered by any troubles you may be experiencing in your life. You will interact with and learn from the different people you meet on your journey at Furea Designs.

About Furea

Hi! My artist name is Furea and I am the artist and writer at Furea Designs, who lives in Melbourne, Australia. However, you will usually find me in my world of “The Lost Note”. This is a world of fantasy, music, water, fish and other things I love.

I enjoy expressing myself through stories and illustrations. Creating illustrations of my own world is my favourite thing to do, and I would love to share my world and its inhabitants with you!

My favourite animal is the snail. It is flexible but it also has a hard shell which displays the golden ratio spiral. I also love the red rose for its strong colour and rounded shape.

If what you see inspires you, I would be very interested to work with you to express your world.

You can follow me on Facebook or Instagram, or contact me on furea@fureadesigns.com.

Thanks for visiting!

Welcome! I enjoy creating work to express story, motion and emotion. These characters and scenes are from my own world that I primarily reside in